The Archer Gas Log Space Heater technology eliminates costs and flexibility on installations when compared to the installation of most other gas heaters, which require expensive and unsightly flue installations.





The Archer’s revolutionary plastic power flue and plastic 40mm ∅ PVC single flue system eliminates those costly installations and is ideal for high rise apartments, external and internal wall applications anywhere in your home, and ideally can be used as a replacement for existing gas or oil space heaters.

The Archer Gas Log Space Heater due to its high efficiency with 92% heat extracted from Archer’s revolutionary heat exchanger ensures that surface temperatures of the heater are kept extremely low to allow zero clearance installations without the added cost of installing a zero clearance box, which allows you to create your own decorative fireplace at the lowest cost. 

The PVC co-axial flue system will give you the added benefit of using external combustion air allowing the air in your home to remain fresh. Whilst the 40mm PVC single flue system gives you unlimited installation advantages. 

Discover how the Archer Gas Log Space Heater can be installed in your choice of location of existing masonry fireplace, external and internal wall applications, high rise apartments and created zero clearance fireplaces all due to the small bore PVC co-axial or single flue system available only with an Archer heater.