Are Archer Heaters Made in Australia?

Yes, Archer heaters are made in Australia by Aurora Climate Systems, a three generation family business right here in Melbourne.   

Are Archer Heaters Made To Order?

Yes, Archer heaters are assembled to order with a 7 to 10 business day lead time.

  • Powder Coating Lead times – 4 Weeks
  • Mantels are made to order – 3 Week lead time

What are the specs of the flue kits?

  • Single Flue Assembly Kit (part number # SFA001contains 1 x Single Flue Adaptor, 1 x 90 degree elbow, 400mm PVC 40mm pipe and 1 x Single Flue Cowl.
  • Single Flue Flex Assembly Kit (part number # SFA002) contains 1 x Single Flue Adaptor, 1 metre Flexible Hose with 90 degree elbow and 1 x Single Flue Cowl.
  • Co-Axial Flue Assembly Kit (part number # CAF100) contains 1 x Co-Axial Flue Adaptor, 400mm PVC 40mm pipe, 400mm PVC 65mm pipe and 1 x Co-Axial Flue Cowl

Click this link for more detailed information on the flue kits and assembly. 


What Is The Cost Of Shipping?

Shipping is free Australia-wide with the exception of Western Australia which requires an additional charge of $250.

Where can I download the Archer Brochure? 

You can download the Archer Brochure by clicking this link.

What is the Energy Star Rating of Archer Heaters?

The Archer Gas Log Space Heater range with its 5.4 - 5.9 Energy Star Rating, is the highest Star rated product available in the world today

Where is your showroom?

Our showroom is located at Building 2, 34 Redland Drive Vermont, VIC, 3133

When can I visit your showroom?

Visit to our showroom is by appointment only. Please call 1300 769 655 or contact us to make an appointment.

Do Archer Heaters come with a warranty?

Yes, every Archer heater comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Details below

  • Heat Exchanger 15 years parts/1 year labour
  • Main Fan 2 years parts/1 year labour
  • Flue Fan 2 year parts/1 year labour
  • All other parts 2 year parts/1 year labour
  • Glass accidental breakage of glass excluded

Installation of heaters

Licensed gas fitter only.

Any other queries?

Call 1300 769 655