Energy Star Rating represents an industry-wide independent rating that indicates how efficiently a heater operates.

The more Energy Stars, the greater the efficiency. The Archer Gas Log Space Heater range with it’s 5.4 - 5.9 Energy Star Rating, is the highest Star rated product available in the world today.

With it’s high Energy Star Rating and heating transfer efficiency, the Archer Gas Log Space heater range has the capacity to heat areas 18 squares ( 180m2 ) to 25 squares ( 250m2 )* No other Gas Log Space Heater range on the market today can match this claim.


The secret of the Archer revolutionary 5.4 - 5.9 energy star performance is the patented triple heat exchanger that puts more heat into your home while saving you money. The Archer Gas Log Space Heater has shattered the boundaries of acceptable product design.

The basis of the incredible leap in high heat output and high efficiency achieved by Archer Gas Log Fires is the revolutionary heat exchange system which extracts 92% + heat from the incoming gas which is directly transferred into your home. The Archer Gas Log Fire does not only feature a burning system that looks realistic, but also incorporates a combustion process which delivers high efficiency and high heat output. 

After engaging in an extensive research and development program of many years, Archer Heaters developed an innovative high efficiency heat exchange system which has achieved the highest appraisal from independent heating authorities for its innovative design and efficiency.

The Archer’s high efficiency 3 stage high performance heat exchange system, allows for the heat of the incoming combustible gases to be squeezed to 55ºC before they enter the flue resulting in total combustion, to ensure that every megajoule of gas input energy available is put to work for heating the home.

This type of process of achieving high performance heat output has to date not been achieved by any other similar appliance, but with an Archer heater it is reality and you get the benefit.

Contact us and to discover why the Archer range has created a revolution in modern, efficient, cost saving in home space heating.