An Archer Gas Log Fireplace For Your Perth Home

An investment in an Archer gas log fireplace is an investment in an Australian developed product owned by a three generation Australian company. With decades of research, effort and perseverance, Archer has develop the world’s most eco-friendly and energy-efficient gas log fireplace.

Perth gets cold and wet, but you can stay warm all winter long with an Archer gas log fireplace that you can conveniently purchase online at Archer Heating.

Archer gas log fires offer an array of features and benefits including:

• Automatic Ignition, no Pilot Light
• Heats 180m² to 250m² *
• Optional Remote Thermostat
• Integrated Central Ducted Heating System
• Powered Flue Technology
• Zero Clearance Installation
• Automatic 3 Speed Fan Control
• Automatic Humidifier
• Installs anywhere, using PVC Flue
• Three Heat Settings
• Choice of Colours
• Choice of Mantels
• 5.4 – 5.9 Energy Star Rating
• Australian Made

Make The Eco-Friendly Move To An Archer Gas Log Fireplace

A traditional wood fireplace can be tedious to take care of, especially during the winter. You have to deal with the wood, preparing, storing and transporting it throughout the home. When it’s cold, you don’t want to do all that. On top of that, you have to deal with mess of building a fire, that takes time before you actually feel the heat.

If you’ve been looking at a replacement for your Perth home, Archer Heating has a range of gas log fireplaces and space heaters available for purchase online. You can choose from any model – freestanding, flat front, insert or bay window – and enjoy the benefits over the Perth wet winter.

Archer heaters are far more efficient and economical than traditional wood fireplaces, and they are designed with patented technology that holds a 5.4-5.9 energy star performance rating.

Best of all, it pays for itself with its money-saving features.

Interested In An Archer Gas Heater?

If you want to learn more about our Archer range, the Archer Heating call us on 1300 769 655 to speak to one of our consultants who'll help you select the ideal Archer heater for your Perth home.