Keep Your Brisbane Home Cosy With An Archer Gas Log Heater 

When it’s cold outside, how do you heat your Brisbane home?

If you want a heating source that’s effective, eco-friendly and soft on the wallet, you need to consider an Archer gas log fireplace. Our manufacturers took great care into developing a range (of various styles) to give customers the world’s first most efficient heating unit. It’s the kind of unit that ensures your comfortability on the coldest of nights but also ensures money stays in your wallet.

And, you can buy this highly efficient unit at Archer Heating!

Some features of the Archer range include:

• Automatic Ignition, no Pilot Light
• Heats 180m² to 250m² *
• Three Heat Settings
• Optional Remote Thermostat
• Automatic 3 Speed Fan Control
• Automatic Humidifier
• Choice of Colours
• Choice of Mantels
• Integrated Central Ducted Heating System
• Powered Flue Technology
• Zero Clearance Installation
• Installs anywhere, using PVC Flue
• 5.4 – 5.9 Energy Star Rating
• Australian Made

Is An Archer Gas Log Fireplace Worth The Changeover?

Many homes have a traditional wood fireplace as their heating source. However, this involves getting wood prepared to bring into the home (even finding a place to store extra wood around the home). This is tedious to do, especially when you’re battling the cold. On top of that, it takes time for the wood fireplace to heat your Brisbane house, and there is cleaning that must be done after you have burned the wood.

Stop with the madness! A traditional wood fireplace may look nice, but it’s a lot of work! With an Archer range, you get an aesthetically pleasing product that will fit in with any décor of your home without all the lugging, storing and cleaning. Best of all, there is no waiting for a home to get warm. Archer gas log fireplaces will quickly heat a room, so you start to feel comfortable in a short timeframe.

These space heaters or gas log fireplaces have patented technology with triple heat exchangers that remove 92% of heat from the heating source and distribute it through the whole home. The range, which you can buy as an insert, freestanding, bay window or flat front model – will also save you a ton of money thanks to its 5.4 to 5.9 energy star performance rating. No heat is wasted, and you save yourself money!

If you live in and around Brisbane, we’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of the Archer range and how you can get one. Call on 1300 769 655.