The Most Efficient Gas Log Fire in the World

by Alice Rappold on February 09, 2022

Hi, I'm Marnie of Archer Heating, and I'm going to share with you some of the world's best gas log fire heaters available for your home.

Archer heating combines beautiful styling, energy efficiency, and high heat output to give you the most superior products available today, and they are all Australian-made and supported locally.

These are incredibly efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly gas fires with a 5.4 to 5.9 energy performance rating thanks to their patented triple heat exchange technology. 92% plus heat is extracted from incoming gas and distributed into your home wasting next to nothing.

Unlike other products, our products have high levels of efficiency and heat output. We have created high heat output products that can burn physically more fuel efficiently and quickly without the heat escaping.

Archer gas log fires have researched, completed product development, and developed an innovative highly efficient heat exchanger. They are far more efficient when compared to other gas log fires on the market.

The heat of the efficient exhaust gases is squeezed into only 51% before they enter the flue. This results in total combustion to ensure that every megajoule of gas input energy available is put to work for heating in your home.

A direct result of this technology has allowed a combination of installation advantages on fluing and zero-clearance applications. This type of process of achieving high performance and high heat output has to date not been achieved anywhere by any other similar products on the market.


The Archer Advantages

One of the installation advantages is the cost, which is a fraction of the cost compared to other similar flued gas log fires. This is due to the product's zero clearance features, and the small bore 14 mm diameter PVC fluing system.

Archer's unique flue system also has the advantage of using external air for combustion through its plastic co-axial flowing system. This system combined with Archer's automatic humidifier system would have to be one of the healthiest forms of heating for the consumer.

A major environmental benefit is the introduction of the High-Performance heat exchanger, which allows the archer gas log space heater to produce less CO2, which is greenhouse gases than any other comparable products.

The Archer gas log fire has the potential to cut approximately 25% of your annual heating bill when compared to other similar products. The high heat output and the high efficiency enable the Archer Gas Log Fire to effectively heat an area of 150 to 250 sq meters.

The entire functioning of the Archer Gas Log Fire is computer-controlled, including hot surface ignition to eliminate standing pilot lights and gas wastage. The three-speed fan will not start until the heater is warm and will keep going until all the build-up heat has been transferred into your home.

Archer's automatic humidifier system traps moisture from the combustion gases and evaporates it back into the outcoming warm air, which is a desirable benefit for small children and those with breathing problems. Other benefits include a remote control, thermostat, and electronic computer controls to give safety and efficiency not seen in Australia before.

Our range includes all free-standing models, bay window models, inserts, and front models and provides many benefits over the traditional wood fireplaces such as reduced clean up fast reception of heat, and no need for cutting or storing firewood.

We also offer the best advice on heaters to suit your needs. With a dedicated team of professionals on hand to assist at every stage of design, construction, and fit-out. Why not talk to us about your home improvement or renovation.