Archer Gas Log Space Heaters Offer A Unique System That Improves Heat and Energy Efficiency

by Alice Rappold on June 18, 2021

 The Archer Gas Log Space Heater is changing how people heat their homes with an entire home heating unit that combines style, high heat output and energy efficiency. Archer went above and beyond to create an energy-saving gas log space heater that can best any currently available model and ensure customers feel comfortable and warm at home.  

The Australasian Gas Association has rated the Archer Gas Log Space Heater with a 5.6 to 5.9-star energy rating, making it the only gas log space heater marked with this designation. Archer’s Gas Log Space heaters have routinely been recognized for their efficiency and state-of-the-art design features, including the Galaxy Energy Product Award in 1999, 2000 and 2001 presented by the Energy Council of Australia.  

To date, no Gas Log Space Heater available on the market has managed to best the local and overseas competition and snag this award.   


Archer's Heat Exchange System Sets Itself Apart 

The Archer Gas Log Space heater offers a genuinely unique heat exchange system that surpasses all other models on the market. It’s designed with a patented three-stage heat exchanger, which removes 92% of the gas heat and transports it right into the home.

Less efficient models produce low heat output and have low-efficiency levels. As there is a rise in the heat output, it becomes increasingly difficult for the fuel to burn efficiently before escaping through the flue. What makes the Archer Gas Log Space Heater different is that it features a combustion process that ensures high heat and efficiency output with its realistic burning system. 

Dedicated to its product research and development, Archer Heaters has created a groundbreaking high-efficient heat exchanger. Through the use of existing technology and pioneering ideas, Archer Heaters developed its three-stage heat exchange system. This system makes it much more efficient than other gas log heating models. 

With the three-stage high-performance heat exchange system, the exhaust gas heat is squeezed to temperatures of 51 Celsius before going into the flue. This ensures a complete combustion of all Mega Joule of Gas Input Energy is available to heat the whole home.  

No other product on the market has managed to offer this kind of performance and high heat output. And, this technology benefits installation efforts on its fluing and zero-clearance applications. 


The Benefits To Installing An Archer Gas Log Heater 

An Archer Gas Log Heater costs less than other similar-flued appliances because of its zero-clearance features and minute bore 40mm diameter PVC fluing system. The fluing system has no limitations on the heater’s installation. It’s designed to use external air for combustion using the one-of-a-kind plastic co-axial fluing system. 

The automatic humidifier system and the co-axial fluing system ensure customers stay healthy while staying warm. How does it work? 

Until the heater becomes warm, the three-speed fan won’t function, ensuring that all the built-up heat is directed into the home. The unit’s automatic humidifier system will keep moisture away from the combustion gasses, dispersing it back to the warm air. If you or your loved ones have breathing problems, this can be a game-changer. 


Other advantages to the Archer Gas Log Heater include:

  • Electronic computer control for efficiency and safety 
  • Remote control thermostat 

If you’re looking to save money on your heating costs, the Archer Gas Log Fire can reduce your energy bill by 25% compared to similar Mega Joule input models with a low-star efficiency rating. The Archer Gas Log heater can heat areas of 15 to 25 square feet. A computer controls the Archer Gas Log heater, including its hot surface ignition, to reduce gas wastage and remove the need for standing pilot lights.  

How much heat is produced depends on several key things, including but not limited to:

  • Heater model
  • Heater location
  • Home design
  • Installation 
  • Ceiling heights 

For those looking for an eco-friendly heater, the Archer Gas Log Space Heater uses a high-performance heat exchanger that lowers the output of greenhouse gases (Co2).  

Since 1996, Archer Gas Log Space Heaters have been a household name to residents in Australia but expanded its services and products to the U.S. and Canada in 2006. The company continues to focus on offering high-quality, highly-advanced products that include high heat output, high efficiency and low energy usage in an aesthetically pleasing design with ample installation benefits at a great price.